Tuesday, August 31, 2010

moving and grooving

After trying to get kasen's roll over on film - I gave up and just took a picture. She is totally enamored with her feet. Low standards are always a plus in my book.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to Pittsburgh

We flew into Detroit on Friday (fairly uneventful) and on Saturday headed to see my maternal Grandmother. Here is a picture of Kasen with her Great Grandmother Madeline. Two Mannys in the morning.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I might be crafty... please don't tell anyone.

I threw a shower a few weeks ago for our friends, Rebecca and James.  They are expecting a baby boy in late October and we couldn't be more excited.  We met them when we moved to Seattle and when we left our apartment building and bought our house, Becca & James ended up buying in our neighborhood.... yeah I talked it up... of course I wanted them as neighbors! 

Since Bec is having a boy, I now get to immerse myself in all things blue.... cute clothes with bugs, pirates and dinosaurs.  Now Kasen has alot of stuff like that too.... gotta start them young with science... but with a boy you can go all out on the boy wear.  I mean baby VANS shoe socks... seriously.

In celebration, I got out my dusty sewing machine to make a few things.  My first project was a tag blanket.  A friend of mine at PEPS said her son LOVED his tag blanket and on inspection, I decided I could probably make one.  Here is the final product:

The front is flannel (yes with Dinosaurs) and the back is Minky (a super soft fabric that is made from recycled plastic - super popular in baby stuff right now).  The minky was a touch hard to sew with, but I love the soft feel it gave the blanket.  I found this on-line tutorial that shows nice instructions for a similar blanket.  FYI - be sure to pre-wash all fabrics.  While Minky doesn't do alot of shrinking, the flannel will.

My example tag blanket had tags that were fabric (not ribbon like in the tutorial) and some were "crinkly".  I wanted to add this as well, so I made some fabric tags with plastic in the middle.  The plastic is from the wipes that we use (hooray reuse).  If you wanted to spend money... cellephane you bought for gifts would work nicely.  Below you can see some of the different tags:

The orange tag is one of my fabric "crinkly" tags and the others are ribbon.  I tried to pick varying patterns and textures.  Babies are drawn to strong contrast, so the black & white seemed best.  It was actually a pretty fun project....  my Grandma Knickerbocker (the seamstress in my family) would be so proud.

Headed to Michigan tomorrow, so posts will be coming from my phone (I hope).  If this works, I will have to tell Karl he was right (again) since he convinced me to buy the phone.  Success may be a mixed blessing.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A baby's "super power"...

I am sure my brother and sister-in-law did not coin this conversation topic, but they are quick to point out their friends' "super powers". Since they were the first I remember saying it, I always think of them when the subject comes up. It is never leaping tall buildings or seeing through walls... always something fairly mundane yet generally unique to the person all the same. Ever since they said it, I have found I enjoy using this in conversations as well - seems like verbal confetti to me... no real purpose, but fun all the same.

Recently, when Kasen was newly home, I quickly pointed out a new super power to one of my friends.  Karl had an amazing ability to sleep soundly through the baby crying, but yet manage to hear his phone vibrate downstairs (I do not think this power is unique to him). Luckily he has lots of more "impressive" super powers. 

After seeing this picture, I have figured out my daughter's first super power (yet I am pretty sure most babies share this extra ability) - she is impressed with EVERYTHING. Karl was flicking this silly plastic elephant on her exersaucer. It doesn't even do anything... no lights, no sounds, no moving parts. She can't even grab it. Yet? Sheer shock and awe. I will have to save this picture. I may need to remind myself of this simple joy someday when she is snarling at me from the back seat.  Plus then it may work as a nice bargaining tool due to the drooly chin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First post from my phone

I am hoping to keep blogging when the female picarbockers hit the road Friday. This is my first test post.

Kasen and I had our usual Tuesday date with Rachel and Sam today. Rachel and I decided our hard work is paying off... that look is love... or gas :)
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mom... she seems suspect...

After popping the TWO (yes I originally thought it was one tooth, but it is actually both bottom teeth), Kasen must still be teething. I was hoping for a bit of relief, but it appears none is coming our way. She is still gnawing on things and making life.... "challenging" around here. But since I missed 2 days last week, I am committed to posting every day this week. I even have fun things to post (depending on your definition of fun) - a baby shower & sewing projects. This means even though I am ready to drop after Kasen's 60 minute LOUD refusal to nap - I am putting up a quick post. Hopefully, I figure out my android app too since I am headed to the midwest with Kasen on Friday. I would love to at least post pictures while I am gone. We'll see.

I came across this picture when I dumped my camera card today. The look on Sterling's face is a constant these days. If he could talk, he would be continually pointing out reasons he should be an only child :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picarbocker House = Land of Poo

Sorry, no picture today - but trust me - you don't want one.  In fact, if you have a weak stomach (or just don't think poo is funny) - just skip this post.

For the strong:
After waking up and coming downstairs this morning, a huge whiff of cleaning product hit my nose. Karl was scouring the bathroom mats...  6am seemed an odd time for this task.  He was so grossed out he couldn't even speak.  Turns out, Sterling had a bit of a stomach ache last night.  When we didn't let him out.... you honestly don't want to know.  I should have known to stay home all day after that morning, but did I?  NO!  How can it get worse you ask?  Oh it gets worse...

After Kasen woke from her morning nap, we headed to Bellevue (the town nearby where I taught) to visit my old school and help a friend.  Kasen took a nice nap in her car seat, then woke and played with a toy (important to note she was still in her car seat).  After being in it for about 2 hrs, I pulled her out to change her before we left.  I immediately noticed she felt wet underneath.  I then noticed the blow-out. 

Every parent has learned to react to this term with fear and every non-parent - well let's face it - anyone knows the words "blow-out" plus "baby" is bad.  Definitely not something you need further description on.  It IS bad.  Trust me. 

I get her cleaned up (yes top and pants destroyed), everything in plastic bags and go grab her car seat.  Can you see where this is going?  Funny because I was totally shocked.  I assumed her seat would be wet so I wiped it down (good thinking Mom!) and figured I'd just put a blanket under her for the ride.  You know, so she isn't sitting in pee...

Worst part of my day? After moving car seat and getting her strapped in, I noticed something. A huge puddle on the tile. Where the car seat had been.  Seriously?!?! I have heard of dogs having accidents where mom has to wipe down the floor, but a kid? IN A CAR SEAT?

After thinking about it, I have found my silver lining... at least car seats have holes. Could have taken me a LONG time (or a good hot day) to discover that bit of Picarbocker fun.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That explains alot....

Karl and Kasen were watching the news tonight.... I KNOW! "TV under 2yrs old has been shown..." But after a full day with my child (who I love dearly), I could care less how they bond. OK no motorcycle rides... or sky diving... or keg stands - but TV? Yeah - enjoy Dad & daughter time. Oh wait...  my point?
Karl felt something in Kasen's mouth tonight. After much feeling and looking, we verified... her first tooth is starting to pop. The tooth is the lower right front tooth. The picture is when Karl showed it to me before her bath. I will probably have to wait until it is further along to take an actual picture of the tooth... or maybe wait till she is sleeping ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

We Survived!

I guess I am not getting more generous in my old age... The following picture was selected because I liked it best of me, there were better ones of Kasen, but COME ON - all pictures of her are cute. I think I should get one where the picture is a better one of me. Yessss... I am hoping the mom selflessness will kick in any day now....

Karl was out of town since Tuesday afternoon and just got back today. The Picarbocker girls had a good time (plus Sterling of course). We missed our Karl though, so we were taking a picture to send him to remember us... but really... how could he forget? ;)

First Playdate

I had heard the days of your kid running to a friend's house to play were over.  Now reigned the world of "playdates".  For those unfamiliar (i.e. your kid's do run down the street to their friend's house) - two moms schedule time for their kids to hang out.  I am sure I will get used to the idea, but my friend Elizabeth had a better idea.  Last week, Kasen headed to their house to "play with her daughter Sophie and I... GOT A MASSAGE!!

No you can't borrow Elizabeth - she is my "mommy friend" - not yours  ;)  And before you worry that I am taking advantage... Soph came here this week for a little Picarbocker fun.  Win - win.

Here is a picture of the girls enjoying some "downtime" in Sophie's play mat.

Sophie is adorable huh?  She is 3 months and clearly already looking to Kasen for guidance.  Uh-oh.  Today Kasen is showing Soph how to grab a hanging toy, tomorrow how to sneak out of the house?  Oh goodness....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Picture of Health

This is what our pediatrician said when she walked into the room for Kasen's appointment - "Wow, aren't you just the picture of health?" I chose to ignore the "wow" part and focus on the health part.

Here are the stats:
Age: 4 months
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Weight: 17 lbs 4 oz
Percentile: "Off the charts" - yes, direct quote.

My mom saved my pediatrician records in my baby book and it turns out "health" runs in the family. At the same age, I was 17lbs 1oz and 26in and based on the pictures of Karl as a baby... I would guess she gets the "healthy" genes from both sides.

Here is Dad and daughter bonding before the doctor arrived... and he says he would never buy her a pony. Whatever mister... those eyes say "are you sure you want just one honey? If you get two you can have white AND brown". Clearly I will have to be the voice of reason...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Swim

Last Friday, Kase and I went on a water adventure with her Aunt Karen and cousin Phaedra.  Karen took all the pictures to document the big event.  Thanks Karen!

The pool was north of the city. The up-side was warm water and lots of different areas to swim. The down side? Screaming kids as far as the eye can see. Made the old lifeguard in me cringe slightly. Kasen enjoyed the water although she may have just thought it was a smelly, long bath.

Kasen's cousin Phaedra got to show off all her new swimming skills.  She is on her way to becoming quite the fish!  She brought Kasen a few pool toys and showed her some proper swim technique.  I don't know that Kasen listened though... she was a little busy dipping her hand in the water and slurping it off.  Chlorine is good for kids right?

As for the photo below, please ignore my Mr Ed impersonation.  I couldn't cut me out without ruining a great picture of Phae.  I have become so giving in my old age...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rough Day

Kasen has just not been herself today which means we are both miserable and the house looks as though a bomb went off. Upside? She won't remember any of this tomorrow and I have Girl's Night Out tonight. In celebration of better times... a cute picture I came across from our friend Troy. This is the very first Sounders game, before the meltdown. Ahh... the one nice day this summer.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Take THAT!

With me as a mom, Kasen probably won't be much of a girlie - girl. She does like cuddling with soft things though... I mean who doesn't. It is my opinion it was the bunny's softness and not its sweet smile that made it "safe" in Kase's arms.

The toy that my adorable child is strangling/torturing is all the rage in Seattle mom-world right now. My mother will quickly tell you how much it cost - $23. Not only does it look like a dog toy, it even squeaks like one. Sterling is not pleased he is being deprived of something so clearly MEANT for him.  Look mom - she does play with it!

The name of this toy is Sophie the Giraffe. We don't call it Sophie however since Kasen has a friend named Sophie.  We wouldn't want Kasen getting confused and gnawing some child's head after all. We call our giraffe toy "Jaqua". That is the last name of one of the Sounders.... who happens to run like a giraffe. We actually like this player, so the moniker is meant in a playful way.  Besides, most super tall people run funny (me included).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kasen Madeline

People ask a lot how we chose Kasen's name. The middle name was never really a question. My maternal grandmother (the original Madeline in our family) is a force to be reckoned with even at 93. She lives by herself and still drives and Kasen will finally get to meet her in a few weeks. The t-shirt in these pictures AND the cheeks Kasen is sporting? All great grandma Manny!

The first name was more difficult. Karl and I had trouble agreeing on anything. He wanted a name that would be easy to say and spell. I wanted a name that people would remember (since she wasn't getting Knickerbocker). Since the middle name came from my side of the family, we thought the first name should have a connection with his side.

Karl has Swedish decent on his mother's side (they even follow some Swedish traditions during holidays - mainly drink and food). By the end of the pregnancy, we had narrowed it down to 2 names - Kasen & Linnea. Both were Scandinavian in origin. Kasen means pure and Linnea means lime tree (seriously). In fact, we still hadn't picked one when we delivered. After the doctor delivered her, I asked Karl what name she looked like (he had a better view of her). He answered: "Kasen, definitely".

I suppose pure is better than lime tree ;)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 Months Old!

Kasen turned 4 months old yesterday.  We haven't been to the doctor yet (4 months gets celebrated by another round of shots), but we are sure she will tip the scales.

My favorite part about this picture is the psychedelic blanket.  My cousin Patti gave that to me for Christmas many moons ago and it has made the trip around the states with us.  I think Kasen finds it pretty comfortable (dog hair and all).  Don't let the picture fool you, she is only contemplating the worlds problems for a short period of the day.  The rest of it is spent sleeping :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby in a box

Long before Karl and I decided to have Kase, people asked us about kids from time to time.  We generally used a quick quip to move the subject along to something else.  A favorite?  "Unlike our dog, Sterling, kids can't spend the day in a crate... well without DCS involvement".  The technique was extremely effective ;)

When registering for our baby shower, we actually found a baby equivalent to a dog crate.  I give you.... Baby in a Box.  We specifically ordered this Play Gym (I think that's what a good mom would call it) because of the stand up sides.  It seemed less likely that that Sterling would walk on the baby with a slight deterrent.  I don't know who first gave it the moniker "Kase's box" - but the name stuck.

Here is Kasen admiring the gaudy box decor before turning her attentions to the numerous toys inside.  Where is Mom?  Working on the computer.  This is truly a great invention.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Seattle sun

It has been a pretty lame Seattle summer.  Most locals will say they don't mind the rain, but that is because we accept it in order to experience the awesome Seattle summer.  For all those doubters out there - no that is NOT an oxymoron.

The summer here is usually sunny, warm (but not hot) and fantastic views in every way you look.  However, this past winter was mild (for Seattle standards), so maybe that is why it has been a ho-hum summer.  I keep telling myself the sun it out for good this time.  We'll see....

Kasen's sunglasses are a hand me down.  I think Karl and I like them more then Kase does, but that is the benefit of this age...  she can't remove them yet.  Will have to enjoy it while we can.