Monday, October 7, 2013

More Sounders

Wanted to post a quick update from the Pro Shop visit we had on Wed Oct 2nd.  Kasen was recorded doing a little promo work while we were there.  She ended up being on the Sounders Rave TV.  I've grabbed just the segment she was in (there is an appearance of her hair and bow before her grand ending).  Here is just here segment:

Here is the link to the original file from the Sounders site:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sounders events

Kasen at Practice
The last week has been full of Sounders activities for the Pickerbockers.  Karl and Kasen got to go to a Sounders practice on Friday (9/27).  They got a chat from the coach (Sigi) about what the team was doing and what to expect.  They watched the practice and then got to meet the players.  Kasen got around 15 signatures on her jersey.  She was excited to meet all of her favorite players including Mauro, Andy Rose and Michael Gspurning.  Gspurning chatted with us as we walked toward the parking lot (and locker room) and Kasen got state how she was going to grow tall and play goalie.
Sigi giving us the details for practice

Kasen showing off her Jersey

That following Sunday we went to an actual game against the New York Red Bull.  It was just dumping rain most of the game but Kasen was great and barely complained.  She is a true fan.  The photo below was not from that game, rather the one before that on 9/13 vs Salt Lake (yes on Debra's Birthday).  This is her watching the team warm-up with her scarf up.  This was actually taken professionally and appeared on a Sounders blog after the game.
Kasen at the Sounders game - photo by janeg photography
Just the other night we got to go to a limited attendee signing with three players (Brad Evans, Ozzie Alonso, and Michael Gspurning).  It was at the Pro Shop at the stadium and there were like 50 people there.  Again she got to talk to players and get autographs (but they were not allowed to sign her dress, Evans even asked and she said no).  She asked Gspurning if "do your hands hurt when you save the ball" (answer was sometime).  She asked Ozzie "why do people call you honey badger" and he looked around at Brad and Michael and Brad said because he is an animal.  She didn't have a question for Brad, he asked her if she was going to ask him what people call him....he told us B-RAD.  It was really cool and fun for all of us, probably most for Karl 
Kasen with Michael Gspurning
Kasen with Brad Evans

Kasen with Ozzie

You ask, how did we get to do these things...Sounders have a reward program for going to games, buying stuff, and watching games.  You earn points and can redeem them.  Truly a great way to reward fans.

Until next time...