Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Weather?

Summer is always interesting weather wise in Seattle.  We hope for the days to reach 80 and be sunny, after all we haven't seen the sun in over 6 months.  Sometimes the weather likes to remind us that it can change overnight, or even in a few hours.  A couple Sundays ago we went to Golden Gardens beach.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was like 58 while we were there (it did warm up to a balmy 67 eventually).  Kasen enjoyed getting her toes in the sand and having the wind blow here hair.  Notice the pants and long sleeves, yes this is late July in Seattle.  Here's to hoping we get to see more Summer (but maybe not the triple digit heat they are getting back East).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kasen and Face Painting

Kasen has been getting into things that bigger kids do.  The other night we were at a concert at the Zoo (part of the Zoo Tunes events at the Seattle Zoo) and there was face painting.  The last time we were there she noticed it but it was late in the show and time to go basically.  This time she asked about half way through the show so Karl and her headed over. The line was long but she was fairly patient, just wanted to be held while she waited.  When we got close she started looking over her options: ice cream cone, elephant, and frog all made the list.  Then she heard she could get a dragon and her mind was made up, dragon was the choice (she has been reading several books with dragons in them lately).  Here's a couple shots of her and the face painting.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kasen the Brewer

Kasen has been going to the neighborhood brew pub that sponsors Karl's soccer team since before she was born.  She even had her first "birthday" party there (ok is was more for the parents).  She knows most of the staff and often gets hugs from them.  The other night she went back into the brewery and check out all the equipment.  She was so excited, maybe she'll be a brewer when she grows up.  Here are some pictures (they are not the best quality so sorry about that).