Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My niece was at our house last week when I heard her singing a song from the Cat in the Hat movie (you know the good one from the 70's).  It's the song where he says "Cat in the Hat" in a few languages, like French and Spanish.  My niece was repeating the french part of the chorus.  I tried to look up the lyrics, but clearly Dr. Seuss has his copyright stuff together because it wasn't readily available.  Anyway, I was putting away the 9 month clothing and pulling out the next size of hand-me downs when I found this gem:

My wonderful friend Sara gave Kasen this hat.  She has 3 girls, so I don't know who wore it - but I love it.  If Kasen could walk, I would take her golfing just so she could wear it.  Sadly it has been too cold for any hats other than woolly winter ones, but when spring hits.... Kasen will be sporting a chapeau!

Monday, February 21, 2011

House of Sick

Kasen is sick.  This is not terribly surprising considering everything within grasp ends up in her mouth - dog toys, shoes, remotes, furniture, etc.  I suppose I don't help matters much... I am just not one of the moms taking 15 minutes to sanitize the shopping cart I use or removing from circulation every toy that hits the ground in a public place.  More power to women that have the energy to do these things, but I generally have bigger fish to fry... Besides since Kasen stays home with me, I figure the exposure is good for her.  Puts "hair on her chest" if you will.  Shocked I used that expression?  I mean she's a girl!  Yeah, tell that to my mom.  I think I heard it 5 times a day when I was young (in her defense I have 2 brothers).  It's funny the things that you repeat in the next generation.

But now, after being puked on, I can see why people go to such great lengths to keep their kids from getting sick.  It is lame.  Really lame.  According to other stories I have heard, we managed to escape pretty unscathed (she only puked 3 times and I never got it).  However, it was hard to feel that way changing a (very recently freshly bathed) puke covered baby.  Mommy indignity #3,654?  Since I was also covered, I got to do this in my underwear.  Good times.

The girl is definitely on the mend now.  But, the Picarbockers have been feeling a little stir crazy these past few days.

FYI - I made that dress.  I used this tutorial from Prudent Baby.  Since their instructions were for 2T, I had to shrink it a bit.  I basically took Kasen's measurements and extrapolated with their pattern.  It is a flannel and I am in love with the fabric pattern.  It was actually pretty easy to sew, but next time I think I would go with a knit fabric (although I am still a little intimidated by knits).  I think it would be more forgiving in terms of fit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddy Time

Karl is a great dad.  He is totally hands on and Kasen adores him.  She has started to show some separation anxiety (generally happens at this age), but only with Karl.  When he comes home, it is like her world suddenly filled with sunshine and if he leaves the room - CLOUDS... all she sees are CLOUDS.  This means big pouty lips and crying, with tears.    It would be pretty adorable if it weren't so loud.  Oh and when I leave the room?  She waves.  Good riddance lady!  Anyway, this is all just to reiterate that even Kasen knows she got a good dad.  One of the truly great ones.

In an attempt to give me a "day off", we have declared Saturdays - "Daddy Day".  This means that Karl is Kasen's "point man".  Kasen needs a diaper?  Dad is on it.  Kasen needs feeding?  Again, Dad's all over it.  My role?  I let go and help when asked.  Things happen a little differently on this day.  Karl wants to walk down to the local bar with Kasen AND not take diapers or formula?  It's Daddy Day... anything goes.  In fact, Karl's common response to any questions I have on Saturday - "that is how we ROLL on Daddy Day".  

I recently started doing some tutoring one evening a week thus making this night - "Daddy Night".  Like on "Daddy Day", things are just different than when Mom runs things.  I would like to present this video to illustrate my point.  Karl shot this week when I was off tutoring.  Recently, Kasen has started to pull up to standing, but isn't cruising and had never attempted climbing up anything....

If you are a mom, you probably know what I thought when I first saw it and I am not even a hovering mom.  I am more from the "brush yourself off" school of parenting.  My thought when I saw this video?  "Really??  Shooting from the TOP of the stairs?  Even the dog knows this is a bad idea."

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Reading

OK, so the story has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Honestly, it is the magazine we get from the zoo. Originally it seemed to be a pretty big waste of paper (sorry hardworking zoo writers), but Kasen's interest in it has raised the value. Here is a video of her reading from it.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

10 months old

Can you tell I love this hat?

Kasen turned 10 months this week and she and I headed to the aquarium to celebrate. I love being in downtown, but haven't had alot of opportunity lately. The aquarium gives me an excuse. The limitation of my equipment (my camera phone) - plus my concern Kasen might fall off this ledge - made it hard to get a good shot of the mountains. I promise they were beautiful... AND Kasen didn't fall.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seattle winter

While Armageddon (weather-wise) happens everywhere else, the sun shined in Seattle. Kasen and I celebrated with a zoo trip. Gorillas eating their own vomit and stinky flamingos (pictured). Gotta love the zoo....
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kasen rocking out

Kasen's grandma gave her a CD for Christmas this year. Generally I am not a big fan of kids music, but this CD is personalized - it actually says "Kasen" in some of the songs. Really pretty cute.

I must say my daughter is not known for having discriminating music tastes - she has been known to bop along to commercials. Still, I think chewing on the CD adds a certain something ... don't you?
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