Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Zoo Tune Concert

The zoo by us every year has a concert series.  We posted something a little while back about Kasen getting her face painted (  Since then she is always talking about face painting.  We went to the last concert of the season the other night and of course had to get face painting.  Kasen does seem to enjoy the shows, she dances, chats with folks, and just has a good time being outside.  Last night she convinced a nice lady sitting next to her to share he popcorn.  Here are some pictures from the night.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're Working

The back stairs on the house had started to fail (and when I mean fail they were close to having someone put a foot through a stair).  Karl decided Sat that he'd replace the stairs and since it was daddy day, Kasen was going to help.  First they had to go get the wood and Kasen went along,  She helped to make sure daddy did it right as seen here, quite the foreman she is:

Once we got home it was time for demo work.  Kasen was right in the mix there helping with measuring (not sure what we were measuring for the demo) and cleaning with her broom.  She also suppled the music, below is a picture of her singing while we work (she hasn't learned to whistle yet).  THe whole tim she kept telling mommy that "We're Working!"

Finally it was time to start cutting the wood and installing it.  The saw was loud so we needed her headphones to make it better, better (as she would say).  She also had to have gloves like daddy.

Once we got it all done (luckily she took a nap for a while so things sped up), she got to play with the drill.  Really she wanted to use it the whole time we were installing the stairs but luckily she was good at getting screws for daddy.  Here she is learning about drills.

Yes, she does crash into Karl at the end of the video.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Night Out

Every summer the Seattle Police department has a night out in Seattle (  This is to get people out, meet the neighbors and encourage crime prevention.  Typically our neighborhood has a pretty good group that comes out, a folks from a few of the area streets.  The firemen typically stop by and we occasionally have a keg or a band.  This year our neighbor who owns a bar down the road supplied the beer out of the back of his VW van and Kasen got to sit in the fire truck