Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Painting (and other things)

We have decided to paint the house.  You'll see the colors soon.  Of course this has come with some other side projects as well.  We are having our porch redone, both the flooring that is rotting and the ceiling to get a natural wood look.  The garage doors are also being replaced as those have water damage.  We are haing some trim work and are getting a new front window in Kasen's room.

7/18 - Trim work repair was done a week ago and the back window upstairs is finally trimmed right! Today we found out that the electrical over the porch has some issues, so we have now added that to the list.  Below is a slideshow of the projects, hopefully it will update as time goes on and we'll keep you all updated on the progress.  Leaded glass windows were reglazed today, making them water and ant tight (yes the ants were getting into the house this way).

7/20 - Electrical finishing up today and we should have most of the porch has been demolished and replaced from the building stand point now it is just railing and painting.  Next up the window replacement in Kasen's room, garage doors and painting.  Those are a few days out at least.

7/26 - The porch is complete with the rebuild.  We still have to finish the ceiling, paint the columns and railing, and get a light fixture but that will wrap that up.  We also had the painters start today, they worked on the back and have some of the siding down to the wood.  A few of the pictures are in the slideshow below.  We are really starting to make progress now.

7/30 - Today we got the deck work complete.  After having the deck inspected (see this video for the details) we need to do a few things like add some joist hangers, bolt in the railings, add some cross bracing and bring in the warping front board.  A friend John and Karl got it done in a day while Debra and Kat (John's wife) entertained Kasen and made the standard run to Lowes mid project.

8/3 - The painters have been working a bunch this week.  They have most of the house sanded/grounded down to the wood.  They have started the initial primer coat in a few spots.  Things are starting to look better, added a few pics to the slideshow below.  I am sure we'll have more pictures later this week as things progress.

8/11 - The painters have been progressing.  We now have some main color and some trim color up.  The next few days should really show some changes.  Stay tuned...

8/13 - More of the house is blue and they are about a week out from finishing.  The pictures now have a few shots of what things will look like when it is all done.  Still waiting on the new window in Kasen's room and the new garage doors.  That should happen in the next few weeks too.

8/19 - The house is getting closer to finishing up.  Painters have most of the house painted with a first coat, some areas are totally complete.  They have been working on finishing the interior painting of the windows as well.  The garage doors have been delivered and sanded and are ready for staining (should happen this weekend).  The new upstairs window in Kasen's room went in yesterday.  Getting close to finishing up, should be next week.

8/30 - Just some final touches left, the painters have some touchup, the doors go in tomorrow, and that will wrap things up.  Posted more pictures in the slide show.  We put up the new light for the porch and currently we have no garage doors which should be fixed tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walking changes everything...

As everyone who has had a kid knows, once they start moving everything changes.  And walking is just crazy.  We are a lot more tired these days and Kasen getting to decide where to go on a walk or at the park has been fun and challenging.  This is about a week old (see how one week you can have a jacket on the next be playing in the water here in Seattle).

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer has arrived!

Seattle summer is beautiful, but short.  We will try to enjoy it while it lasts.  Today we headed to a local park that has a kid-friendly water feature.  She loved it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sharing is a virtue

He is helping her learn this lesson.