Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kasen is getting more confident being on 2 feet, so she has started to walk while holding on to things.  I didn't walk until 15 months, so I was hoping she would take after me (Karl walked much earlier at 12 months).  Sadly, recent developments make it seem like Kasen will be more daring - like her dad. 

Kasen has a small rocking chair that was mine as a child.  She loves it and uses it to stand up. 
This looks totally harmless
I was reading a book, when Kasen did this the first time:
"Oh My Goodness, I actually got my knee up!"
It all happened so fast.  She was on the chair and standing before I realized what was happening.  Luckily, I was able to get over to her before she decided to get down.
"Why not stand on a rocking chair?"
Once she got standing, she tried to open the closet door which caused the chair to rock (it is a rocking chair after all).  If I hoped that would startle her enough to make her more cautious, I was to be disappointed.  She thought it was fun and began to rock the chair - while STANDING and facing BACKWARD in the chair.
Turns out Kasen likes danger
It's official, she has now discovered climbing.  We go up the stairs at least once a day and yesterday at a coffee shop I had to pull her off a child-sized table she had climbed.  I mean if you can mange to climb into the chair, who wouldn't climb onto the table?  I think we may have to limit our time with the monkeys at the zoo...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kasen vs. Dad

My mom brought my baby book when she came for Kasen's birth.  This is why I have been able to compare our growth over this last year.  Karl's mom just recently sent us his baby book, so I thought it would be fun to compare the two of them. 

While I seem to be raising the female Karl, looks like she grows more like me.  Karl was bigger at birth, but she caught up quick and never looked back.

Height:  Kasen - 20.5in
              Karl - 20.5oz
Weight:  Kasen - 8lbs 1.5oz
              Karl - 8lbs 14oz

2 Months
Height:  Kasen - 23 3/4in
              Karl - 22.5in

Weight:  Kasen - 13lbs 13.5oz
               Karl - 12lbs 4oz

6 Months
Height:    Kasen - 28in
                Karl - 25.5in
Weight:   Kasen - 19lbs 10oz
                Karl - 16lbs 4oz

9 Months
Height:   Kasen - 29in
               Karl - 27.5in
Weight:  Kasen - 21lbs 11.5oz
               Karl - 19lbs 2oz

12 Months
Height:  Kasen - 30 1/2in
              Karl - 28.5in
Weight:  Kasen - 22lbs 9.5oz
              Karl - 20lbs 4oz

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 Months Old

Kasen went to the doctor last week for her 1 year check up. She got to "talk" to the doctor and endured 4 shots. Here are her stats:

Height - 30 1/2in - 90%
Weight - 22lbs 9.5oz - 75%

Turns out Kasen is starting to get leaner (but not any shorter).  I think I was right to NOT sign her up for gymnastics.  Just don't think her genes will allow for an Olympic gymnastics medal.  This will give her more time to practice her swimming and soccer anyway.  After all... the swimmers and soccer players are encouraged to eat :)

Kasen enjoying frozen blueberries for the 1st time

For comparison my stats from when I was 12 months:
Height - 30 1/2in
Weight - 24lbs

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kasen's Birthday Wishlist

I mean what else could a little girl want?
Note: No babies were harmed in the documenting of this moment. Kasen was stopped before ingesting the bill. However, she may have licked it slightly... I mean how could I prevent that AND take a picture?