Friday, February 17, 2012

Music Lady

Kasen really likes music, listening to it, dancing to it, and playing instruments to it or just making up her own music.  For Christmas she got a little instrument set with a tambourine, symbols, maracas, and a triangle.  She loves to play them around the house and have Mom and Dad play with here.  Usually once we get out the camera to capture the fun she stops and is more interested in posing.  The other night she was on a roll and actually let me grab a video of her.  Here she is singing some Kasen original.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girl Hair

One of my fears with having a girl was doing the hair.  I don't do my hair.  In fact my stylist has strict instructions... "This has gotta look good even though I just wash it and walk out the door..".  I know I had pigtails as a kid (there are pictures to prove it), but my hair was short from 3rd grade to high school (although one side was long enough for crimping in the 6th grade).  Fast forward to today, Kasen's hair has finally gotten long enough to attempt pigtails and this morning I tried.  Here is what we got (with A LOT of help from Mickey Mouse):

That look says THRILLED right?
 No idea if she likes them.  She tried to pull them out immediately, but after a quick mirror trip, she seemed less bent on destruction.  More interested in pulling on her new "horns".

These are surely the pigtails of an amateur.  Note the large patch of hair that didn't get included (see photo below).  I am still proud of the effort though.  After all a stranger on the street could identify these as pigtails.  I honestly thought I might be stuck saying "They're pigtails" when confronted with strange looks all day.  We'll see how long they last......

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We call it Soccer

Kasen has been taking "soccer" classes for a few weeks now.  We go on Sat morning as a nice way to get out of the house in the Seattle winters.  Basically the kids stretch, run around, sometimes kicks balls.  That would be the soccer side, the other side involves playing with cones (they are suppose to build towers and kick them over but that rarely happens), parachute time (which involves getting spun by parents with sitting on it or pointing out colors from underneath), and Kasen's favorite part stamps at the end.  She goes with her friend Jacob and they seem to enjoy it.  Here are some pictures from the cone tower building section (cones lately have become "hats").