Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Kasen started preschool today.  It is a really small Montessori program run out of a house near our neighborhood.  Kasen was so excited to go carrying her Hello Kitty lunchbox (wish I had gotten a picture).  She walked right up to the door & knocked by herself.  She ran in and barely looked over her shoulder when I left.  The program is from 9 - 11:30am, but I came back around 11:15am.  The teacher's report was pretty good.  She cried a bit (mainly when her snack was eaten by her friend Sam - the cutie in the blue shirt below), but overall had a good time.  They were just settling in for a classroom snack (popcorn and weak apple juice), so she stayed till the end.  Here she is with Sam sitting having their snack.  I still can't believe they use regular glasses & ceramic dishes, but Kasen did not spill a drop.

 She heads back tomorrow without the safety of having Sam there.  Hopefully it goes as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally some nice weather

The weather is finally starting to get nice out in Seattle and Kasen has been taking advantage of it (as has he parents).  She wants to be outside much more and that is nice.  It does make some things harder to do.  The other day Karl was trying to mow the lawn and Kasen wanted to "help".  She basically moved the mower a few inches but didn't want to give it up.  It took some bribery and bubbles to get her to release the mower.

She is also really into bikes right now.  Karl has been riding to work a few times a week, we now have a chariot for behind his bike, and Kasen of course has her bike.  The other day we took a walk to the library and she took her bike.  Mom or Dad of course push it but she "helps" out in the steering area stating "Drive, Drive, Drive" while she moves the handle bars (and therefore the direction of the bike) from side to side.  Of course she had to put on her new goggles from Grandma Barb to complete her outfit. She even kept them on once we got to the Library

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Her first tattoo

Kasen and I went to the Edmonds Art Fair this past weekend.  They had a big play ground and strawberry ice cream, so Kase was ecstatic.  While playing at the playground, she met stalked a little girl with some wicked face paint.  There were rainbows on each side of her eyes and jewels in the middle - little girl nirvana.  When we got to the tent where the face painting happened, we discovered a new item to covet, a sparkly tattoo... in a Mickey design nonetheless.  This was actually a good change because the face paint would have been gone in an hour, the Mickey tattoo she is still admiring.  Think this will satisfy her appetite and she won't get the tramp stamp at 18?  I hope so...

"Don't mess with me.  I have a tat now!"