Monday, May 31, 2010

Kasen at 8 weeks

It is raining... again. Living in Seattle, rain is not unusual, even in June. Still, when June hits you feel like it should be nice and sunny. Sadly our summer generally doesn't start until July (specifically after July 4th). So even though it is raining, Kasen is breaking out the summer in her tulip outfit. I think it looks sunnier already.

Kasen is enjoying having her Grandma here. I went back to work last Tuesday, so Grandma Barb is taking care of Kasen during the day. They are having a great time. Kasen has even chipped in by starting to sleep through the nightDO NOT TELL ANYONE. Please. It could stop at any moment.

She is big huh? Since she has started to "chunk up" a bit, her legs can finally keep socks up. This is awesome since we have some REALLY cute socks. Our friend Sara has sent us some awesome clothes from her girls. The latest box came with a great banner with K-A-S-E-N for her room. There were also these great socks that had a Mary Jane design on them. They have quickly become our favorite part of her wardrobe. I mean how brilliant? They look like shoes but they stay on. I wonder if they have my size?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kasen at 5 weeks

It has been awhile since posting, so instead of waiting for great pictures, I am just posting the few recent ones I have. They are phone camera pictures, but I have decided when it comes to Kasen (who is changing so fast) - quantity may trump quality from time to time.

Kasen loves bathes - a true water person like her mom. She only gets crabby when she gets cold (another mom trait I am afraid) hence the wash cloth. Right after this picture was taken she smiled. We have been trying to get one on camera, but have not had any luck. She has to be in the mood and the smiles are pretty fleeting. They seem like real smiles (although we aren't exactly experts).

Kasen in the morning can be a little sullen. Luckily she doesn't fuss too loudly, but taking a happy picture can be difficult. So here is her morning face in an adorable strawberry onsie. The Barksdales got her this one and it goes with these fantastic black polka dotted pants (gotta love girl clothes). The pants don't fit, but you can cheat big on a onsie - so she is wearing it. Isn't it adorable? Karl is convinced that her eyes are turning green/grey and I think her hair may have a red tint (no idea where she got it) - we may have an Irish-looking baby yet!

We are definitely enjoying my last few weeks off and the great weather. We have been taking lots of walks - Sterling is exhausted. Going back to work will be harder then I thought, but luckily Grandma Barb will be here to spoil Kasen rotten.