Monday, December 13, 2010

Karl's "gift" to me

Karl recently gave me a gift I am beginning to resent.  In his defense, I thought this gift was great when I received it - so I am sure he never intended its consequences.  What was this "gift" you ask?  Karl encouraged Kasen to use a spoon.

Before this event, I was a little concerned Kasen might need me at her senior prom to hold her utensils.  She has shown NO interest in holding anything at meals not even her bottle.  Anyway, when Kasen grabbed the spoon - Karl excitedly showed me his progress.

The problem with your baby wanting to feed themselves?  It is MESSY!  No, not just child with food on hands and face - I mean food on the walls and ceiling messy.  Especially when said child has 6 teeth - pulling the rubber spoon out of her mouth turns the utensil into quite a food catapult.  Plus, she does not want to actually feed herself.  She just wants to play with the spoon.  So when you take it, she screams... like a banshee.  I have sunken to using 2 spoons at a meal so that we can trade back and forth (this makes me messy too - great fun).  I tell myself some of the food must make it down her throat.  I have to tell myself this - otherwise I would omit the food part all together and just let her chew the spoon mess free.

So right now, Karl's gift is seeming like one of those presents you unwrap which looks great in the picture, but once you get it open you realize you have to assemble 3 million pieces... then paint it.  I see lots of laundry in my future.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the little things

Kasen just starting clapping. Although it may have started weeks ago. As you can see in the video - it is a clapping "approximation".

Fyi - posting this with my phone and the app I use has never done videos right. I am hoping the last few updates have fixed its issues. If the video works, I may be able to post more frequently now... Well... if life promises to stop getting in the way :)
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