Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This Christmas was all about Pirates and Princesses this year.  Kasen asked Santa for a "BIG pirate ship" right after Thanksgiving.  She stayed with her first request and was thrilled to see the Playmobile pirate ship under the tree.  She is also obsessed with a Disney show (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), so Santa included a few of those figures for good measure.  She reenacts the shows using her own Jake, Cubby, Izzie and Captain Hook.

She also got some princess stuff.  Our neighbor got her a Snow White dress up kit with a crown, shoes, purse and a wand (shown below).  She LOVED walking in the fluffy high heels.  Kasen is also loving Beauty and the Beast right now, so her Belle crown, doll & book all got extensive play time.

This year she was able to open all her presents and definitely enjoyed each one.  She still wanted to play with them after opening, so we took our time.   There was a lot of Playmobile (besides the pirate ship) so we now have a whole bunch of options from school, to bathroom, to princesses, and the list goes on. Here are some pictures and videos from the day (plus her Santa picture thrown in):

Merry Christmas Every One!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowman didn't stand a chance

I knew which donut she would pick.... the one that looked like a cookie.  Mr. Snowman was so nice, yet doomed just the same.  Luckily the frosting cleaned up ok.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nana and Pepe Visit

Again it has been a while since we posted...something about work and a kid taking up all our time.  Nana and Pepe Picard visited over Thanksgiving and we had a great time.  Kasen enjoyed having them here and often asked "Where Pepe?" or "Where Nana?"  Here are some pictures from the visit.

Nana and Pepe went to see Kasen at her soccer class.  They stack cones and kick them over, play things like red light green light, and of course kick the ball into the goal.

Kasen read to both Nana and Pepe, they also read to her.  Here she is with Pepe reading, and reading to Nana (who is taking the picture).  She is really into books these days, makes up the story if she doesn't know it or recites what she remembers of any book (maybe not the one she is reading)

Kasen helped Karl get the turkey ready with brushing a little oil on it.

She also like showing off her favorite team apparel for the Sounders and the Giants

More to come for Christmas, hope everyone is doing well and having a great holiday season.