Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A few pictures and videos

We have been slacking in the posting area.  Life has been busy with: Kasen activities; we are having some work done on the house to get more storage upstairs; and just the general life events.  Still, we wanted to get some recent photos and videos up of Kasen.

We have started soccer again after taking the summer off.  She seems to enjoy it and has gotten good at dribbling the ball around.  The passing and hard kicks need some work but we have time before she can qualify for the Olympics any way.  Here are some photos of her at class.  She loves to roll around with the squishy ball and try to catch bubbles in the cones.

The other day we went to a fall festival at a local nursery.  There were games, live animals (Kasen loved the turkey which she called 'the chicken that makes the funny noises'), a maze, and snacks.  One of the games was a zucchini race where you "built" a car out of a zucchini.  This picture is of her working on the car with Debra.

She also won a pansy on a wheel spin.  She was taking a little break on the bench when I took this photo.

Kasen is also really into music, of any kind really.  She loves to sing or play instruments. A while ago I bought her a Taiwan kids book that plays music to pages.  She loves it now, plays it all the time, and has even started to try to sing along with the songs.  Here she is singing along to the book

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos.  More to come with Halloween (Debra made Kasen a costume), Thanksgiving and Christmas not far away.