Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday and Texas

Sorry it has been a while since we posted. April has been quite busy with Kasen's birthday, Karl's parents visiting early in the month, a trip to Texas to visit family and attend Katie's wedding, and then getting back to the routine.  Finally we have a little time to get a quick blog post up.

Kasen had her birthday on the 3rd and it basically has continued for the month as we've seen family and friends.  She had a great day with some of her friends over, and Nana and Pepe were in town from Virginia.  She got everything she could wish for with more princess stuff than she could imagine.  Here she is with her cake (it was a cupcake cake).

She enjoyed her time with Nana and Pepe.  Maybe the most fun was a day we took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island.  She really enjoyed the trip, here she is on the top deck.

Shortly after Nana and Pepe left, Debra and Kasen left for Texas (I joined them later).  They headed to Corpus Christi for some time on the beach and hanging out with Grandma Barb.  They got to build sandcastles and had a great visit.  After a several days there they headed up to Dallas to get ready for Katie's wedding.  We had a great time visiting family. One night we eat at a pub near the hotel called T&P.  They had a giant Jenga game.  Kasen, Phea, Scott and I set it up like dominoes.  The girls really enjoyed it.  

The day before we left we went to the Stockyards in Fort Worth.  The girls rode in a stage coach, which of course was like a princess in her carriage.

We have a bunch more photos but I figured we'd start with these until we can get time to go through the ones on the real camera and not cell phones.  More to come...promise

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